Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hollywood Pairings I would Love to See

With work continuing on Righteous Kill, the second movie that paired Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together on screen(and the third movie they've appeared in together), I started thinking of a few other pairs of actors I would like to see play off each other in a movie. Here are the three best I came up with.

Samuel L. Jackson and Eddie Murphy: Yes, they appeared together in Coming to America, but that was 1988 and Samuel L. Jackson wasn't the man back then. And with Murphy's recent work in Dreamgirls, I think a cinematic matchup between these two actors could work very well, especially if Murphy played things more on the dramatic side. And given the fact that Murphy is working on two action comedies (Beverly Hills Cop IV and something with Brett Ratner directing and costarring Chris Rock), I think these two actors could work well together as equals in a movie. Maybe with Murphy as the villain, a role we haven't really seen him play. This combination seems like a cinematic possibility sometime in the next decade.

Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet: One is the queen of Oscar Town, the other the apparent heir to that throne. Isn't it time that they met onscreen? I mean, they both do such varied work, and well, I think they would both bring a lot to a movie they were both in. And that movie would likely be Oscar-bait, wouldn't it? Executives wouldn't stick Streep and Winslet in She Devil 2 or Police Academy 9: The Massacre in Moldavia, but then again, you never know what is going to fly in Hollywood. Hey, it could happen.

Sigourney Weaver and Denzel Washington: I have no idea why this pairing popped into my head, but somehow, it just seems so right. And the kind of movie I was thinking about with them both in it was one of those movies that take place in a room/house and it is all talky tension. You know the kind of thing I am referring to: 12 Angry Men/Death and the Maiden but with these two actors involved, well, it could turn to action at any given moment. It would be explosive in every way. And seeing a poster that had the names Weaver Washington in bold would look pretty cool too. But will it happen? Not likely.

So, who are two actors who haven't really worked together that you think could work well together onscreen?


Semaj (Too lazy to sign in to blogger from school) said...

Samuel L. Jackson and Eddie Murphy: I'd like to see this one too. As long as Jackson yells at someone. Their styles are completely different, but I like to see it.

Sigourney Weaver and Denzel Washington: I dont ever see this happening. Not sure why.

MC said...

You can't have a Samuel L. Jackson movie where he doesn't yell at some fools.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Will Ferrell and Jack Nicholson, for no discernable reason I can think of.

MC said...

Well, Adam Sandler has worked with both Nicholson and Ferrell, so it seems possible.

It's Me... Maven said...

Samuel L. Jackson and Eddie Griffin (the comedian)

Meryl Streep and Eddie Griffin

Sigourney Weaver and Eddie Griffin

All preferrably NOT in the same movie.

It's Me... Maven said...

PS: with those last two... I have three words:


DutchBitch said...

OMG! I SO wanna see the Sigourney & Denzel one!!!

I also wanna see ehm... let's see...
Leslie Nielsen and James Earl Jones?

MC said...

That is a kooky pairing Dutchy.