Monday, July 09, 2007

A Few Thoughts from the Weekend

"Cloverfield": Yes, the mystery trailer that was shown before Transformers, and a piece of marketing genius. Of course, when you get this kind of hype, especially with a J.J. Abrams project, you know that the finished product will never be able to live up to it. I mean, as a fan of Alias, I was really let down with how the whole Rambaldi thing came down. I am not going to speculate about what this new project is going to be because I know in my heart I will be disappointed.

Live Earth: Didn't watch it... it was on 5 channels, and I still couldn't be bothered to tune in for more than 2 minutes at a time(mostly just flipping by the channel that had the Rio feed and seeing no performances). The cynical side of me wonders how many of the artists that performed were just doing so for the good publicity.

Stealth Gaming: Around 5 or 6 months ago, I reported that I just never got into the whole stealth thing when it came to gaming.... but after whetting my palate with titles from the Metal Gear series, I've come around to that way of thinking. So I admit that I was wrong.

More Professional Football
: A group is trying to put together another professional football league in the United States featuring exclusively alumni from the most prestigious college teams. Now, this is something I don't really talk about much here, but when it comes to sports, there is only one that catches my imagination and it is football, both in the professional and collegiate varieties, and I like the foundations of this league. Basically, it looks like it is going to take the aspects I like most about the college game(like the rivalries) and the professional game and put it together into a great spring league. I mean, I'd rather watch football in the spring time than baseball... I abhor baseball (like many of you out there loathe football), so I would like to have the option of watching decent football action and not that stupid arena league.


Tracey said...

I'm with you on the Live Earth deal - I think more often than not it is about publicity rather than the good of the cause.

Mayren said...

I didn't know Live Earth happened until i ran across a news show that was doing a spotlight on the guys from the Anarctica playing- nerds.

Semaj said...

Yeah, I didnt know anything about Live Earth.

I'm glad you've gotten into the MGS games. I was at first a little disappointed with MGS2 but after playing it recently I've come to understand it better. And, perhaps the central theme of the game means more now today with the (YouTube/Myspace) age.

Diesel said...

They had bands playing in Antartica? How much would it suck to draw THAT straw?

Also, how much greenhouse gases do you think you generate carting a bunch of people to Antartica?

Rolim said...

I agree with the live earth opinion, all i heard was singers talking about how beautiful everybody was singing and nobody talking about global warming...

anyway, i found this other simpson mash-up, take a look Simpsons 300

MC said...

Tracey: Thank you... I thought it was just me.

Mayren: I heard that people played there, but I don't know who the artists actually were.

Semaj: You have to try Snake Eater... it is superior in every way to MGS2

Diesel: I certainly wouldn't want to go there, that's for sure.

Rolim: Thanks for the link, and I will be sure to check out more of what is going on at Weshow.

Semaj said...

I have, I need to play it again. Snake Eater is best out of the MGS portion of the series

MC said...

I wish I would have played MGS on the PSX... because the ones on the NES aren't the same quality at all.