Thursday, June 28, 2007

So Bad It's Good? Not for Me!

I've been playing with Flixster recently, just as I played around with Yahoo! Movies recommendations a few years ago, and I've come to a foregone conclusion.

I have never gotten the appeal of watching movies whose only claim to fame is they are so bad they're good. Yes, I lionized some pretty mediocre movies in the past, but at least there was always some aspect of those films that I could rave about.

Yes, I admit it is a little bit fun to rip on a bad movie with your friends Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style, but really, I'd rather be watching a better movie. I've had people try to convince me to watch horrible, horrible movies just for the sake of ripping on them, and I've always politely but firmly said no (and in some cases, I wasn't so polite).

I have absolutely no patience for a completely shitty movie. None.

Life it too short to watch Ed Wood films and ultra-low budget, direct to video schlock. And the Lloyd Kaufman legacy... yeah, I am not going there. I don't want to watch a movie that unintentionally looks like it was the work of Bobby Bowfinger. I have better things to do, really. And I will say this: I appreciate places like the Agony Booth taking a hit for me so I don't have to.

And I can hear some of you saying out there, "But Matt, you have demonstrated a love of grindhouse cinema." To you, I have only this to say: there is a huge difference between say Thriller or Shaft and Redneck Zombies or Shark Attack 3.

And if you are trying to sell me on a questionable movie, don't ever use the word campy... because every time someone said I would like a movie because it is campy has in essence lied to me. I had a friend (emphasis on HAD) who tried to get me to watch a lot of really bad movies under the guise that they were campy... and they all sucked. I mean, they were horrific. Calling a movie campy is a kiss of death for me.

I know I like some crappy movies, but seriously, so bad it is good is a phenomenon I think I will never understand.


Chris said...

I understand where you're coming from. And it's tough to know the line between entertaining & bad, and craptastic & bad.

Road House, for instance, is by all objective measures a bad movie. But it manages to be damn entertaining at the same time.

MC said...

I am not talking about bad mainstream movies so much as those ultra-B movies that have taken on a life of their own.

Road House, while not amongst my faves is a guilty pleasure kind of bad movie(like Pootie Tang is for me).

Becca said...

Gosh I don't get Lloyd Kaufman either! I almost always avoid a Troma movie cause they usually suck so bad.

MC said...

Part of me thought you were going to yell at me for my anti-camp sentiments.