Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now I understand Star Wars Fans

I read an interesting article at JiveMagazine about the peculiar nature of Star Wars fans.

Andrey Summers was trying to explain his fixation with the Star Wars series to his girlfriend when he came to a realization: Star Wars fans hate Star Wars

I am trying to think of another group of fans that loves to hate the thing they are into... to the point of pathological neurosis. I mean, the theory makes total sense to me now.

I mean, I do enjoy hating things, but usually the things I pick apart aren't the same things I am a fan of.

As someone who exists outside the Star Wars fan community, it is a stunning revelation. Do the symptoms sound familiar to any one of you in the non-gaming community(because let's face it, gamers are the original player haters ball).


Anonymous said...

Don't you worry about Star Wars fans, nor pat yourself on the back about your apparent understanding. What the writer of that article was largely doing was taking the piss. Star Wars fans love Star Wars, and that's about it. But, as someone who spends more than just a passing thought on Star Wars, a fan knows that there are things that could have been stronger-- and scenes, storylines, characters, and prequels that could have been filmed or imagined better. Anyone who spends some time analyzing something they are a fan of ultimately comes to the same conclusion.
Or do you blindly and unquestioningly love every aspect of that which *you* are a fan? I should think not.

J.D. said...

I'm a Star Wars fan and I don't hate it. But then again I like The Phantom Menace more than Return of the Jedi. [ducks]

Semaj said...

is Anonymous George Lucas? Why all the Venom, Mr. 'Lucas' Anonymous ?

BTW, MC, good find with the link.

MC said...

anon: I am mostly lauditory towards the things I am a fan of...

J.D.: Wow.... I think liking the PM makes you a pariah in that community, doesn't it?

Semaj: Thank you kindly.

Anonymous said...

is Anonymous George Lucas? Why all the Venom, Mr. 'Lucas' Anonymous ?

Ooh, touche, indeed!

I think you are quite naive if you don't see venom and/or derision implied in the original post itself, Semaj. "If you can't take the heat..."

Mayren said...


MC said...

Mayren: Boo at me or anon?

Semaj said...

What Venom in the original post? I just re-read it.

Maybe we're seeing two different things in the post. I see nothing of the sort. How is that being Naive?

Listen, Mr. Lucas, I respect most of your work except for the Ewoks and Jar-jar... and Howard the Duck, so I'm not going to argue with you here, because this is MC's blog.

"If you can't take the heat..."

If I had a penny every time I heard this saying, I'd have two pennies.

MC said...

See, it is that kind of discretion that I value in you as a Justice Semaj.