Friday, June 15, 2007

I am calling Shenanigans on Last Comic Standing!

I am calling shenanigans on the current season of Last Comic Standing. I am not going to disclose who got picked and who got dismissed from the New York, Montreal and San Antonio audition process, but in the comments section, it is all up for discussion. I am going to mention one specific person in this entry who was part of the audition process, and only one.

No, I am questioning the whole premise of this season from a strictly numerical standpoint.

You see, the show took quite a few comedians(I think 6-8) from New York and I don't have a problem with that because it is one of the meccas of stand up. Then they travelled to Montreal and took 3 comedians for the show... and then headed down to San Antonio and picked up 3 more comedians.

And by now a lot of you are probably saying what is the problem with that? Well, considering that Montreal is a) the site of the Just for Laughs festival, meaning there is a huge comedic community in that city b) it is a short plane/train ride from Toronto and c) represents the only stop in Canada the show is going to make, well, our comedic talent is woefully underrepresented, especially considering that in the same show, 3 comedians were chosen from San Antonio.

The reason I am complaining about this is because they are billing the show as being international this season, and really, 3 Canadians (and likely 3 Brits and Aussies) does not an international show make, because there are also auditions in Los Angeles and well, I have a feeling they are taking at least 5 from there, so it still going to be a very heavily American show.

I felt bad for Laurie Elliott, because the cut made it appear as if she was just some hack who had no business being there(they do those same kind of montages), when in fact, she is as accomplished as anyone who made it to the full audience show later that night, and is certainly better than Ant. And to add insult to injury, they spelled her first name wrong when showing her audition.

Now, I have to wait until next week to see how much more pissed I am going to get with this series, though I don't know how it is doing in the ratings, so for all I know NBC will repeat their season 3 experiment and cancel it before it is completed. Wouldn't that be interesting.


RC said...

are the people they chose from San Antonio hispanic? is that what makes it international?

or did they choose some borat's out of New York or something?

MC said...

I don't think there are any Latin comedians in the competition so far.

Becca said...

Non last comic standing comment...

Isn't shenanigans a great world!

now back to your regularly scheduled blog comments...

MC said...

It is a little tart but pure sweetness to say.