Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Card Set I just have to pick up

In the fine tradition of the Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages and Mars/Dinosaurs Attack, Topps has introduced a new card series that combines two things that have been a staple of this blog since its inception: Zombies and celebrities.

With Hollywood Zombies, we have a gruesome cultural satire in the grandest tradition. It is an 82 card set(72 normal zombie celeb cards and 10 mugshot cards for those who have a police record), that mocks the institution of fame and our own insatiable need to see these people constantly as a group.

Whether it is lampooning celebutantes, politicians, Oscar-winning performers or reality show misfits, the series seems to have it all... and given some of the choices (Imus, Sanjaya though no Hilton mugshot), it looks like they tried to stay as current as possible. And like the Mars/Dinosaurs Attack series, they look like they will be incredibly gory and gross, and that is some great news indeed, because you can't really do zombies without the blood and viscera.

And perhaps the Hilton mugshot will be part of the second series, as there are still a lot of celebs left to turn into the undead, and Hollywood could always use more brain-sucking entertainment.


DutchBitch said...

So.. ehm... can we apply in the comments section to have one sent to us?

MC said...

You looking for someone in particular?

DutchBitch said...

Nope, just receiving a nice card, LOL

Anonymous said...

That would be great to have a 2nd series because this first series is gonna be awesome...they did stay pretty the times have changed, first it was the garbage pail kids, now the creators of those infamous cards are at it again but now the target is celebrities. Celebrities and zombies, what more can you ask for!! lol...I work with Hollywood Zombies so go and check out the site for all the info and details you need to start your collecting of these gory celebs/zombie cards!

MC said...

So noted.