Friday, May 25, 2007

Some long pop culture lists for the long weekend

Since I've basically doubled my posting frequency this week, I thought I would slow down a little bit with a couple of interesting lists I found recently.

The Grand List of Console Role Playing Game Cliches: I found myself nodding along with this list, as I've encountered most all. These are very genre-specific, but there is some commentary on the fantasy genre as a whole.

The Best Worst Death Scenes(non-horror or science fiction): The title is misleading, as the meat of this list is "The best scenes where someone is killed in a horrifying way". I also have to say that having seen most of the scenes in question, just thinking about them (especially #1) still creeps me out a little. Of course, I think we can all think of a movie death that was horrible and not on the list.

What has happened since Duke Nukem Forever was Announced: It is quite a comprehensive list of the gaming releases, television series, movies and world events that have run their entire course in the decade since this most famous piece of vaporware was announced.

Enjoy your long weekend my American friends.


Semaj said...

I love the Role Playing one, I was going to a short list similar to this.

MC said...

I am sure there is stuff that was missed on that list.