Wednesday, May 02, 2007

April's Stumbleupon Finds

Well, with April having come and gone, it is time once again for me to drag in the net and see what good things I discovered online this month through Stumbleupon. I tried to be a little more... discriminating in my selection process, as there were almost 150 new entries in my lists for this month.


Stop the falsiness- an anti-Colbert site (with a wink)
Bunny Kill (think Kill Bill)
Weird Asian Ad
Great Telemarketer Prank
The Filming of the Croc stunt from Live and Let Die


The reason I stayed in the house all day from Cabanon Press
The Blame Game from Dustinland
Summer Lovin' at Cyanide and Happiness
Forescore and Seven Whoopasses from Jaded
Joker's Surprise from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Kittens and Katamari
George Lucas and the Jedi Mind Trick from Extralife
A day in the life of Zombies
Smooth Moves from VG Cats
Breakfast with Joe and Monkey
White Ninja and the T-Rex
Fable 2 as rendered by Penny Arcade
Brandon Reese's heartbreaking Lost
Silence of the Mimes from The Warehouse


Top 11 Signs you are going to Die in this Movie
Be careful how you get rid of your porn.
52 Gaming Similes to Describe your Relationship from Mathew Kumar's Workblog
Getting back at an ignorant neighbor from Planet Wally

Hope I didn't overload you all.


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And I am sure Zombies love your big brain right back... for wholly unwholesome reasons of course.