Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am a hipster doofus now

I finally had one of those "indie" moments that everyone talks about. I had only heard about these incidents secondhand, much like an urban legend or an old wives tale.

And then, like I said, it happened to me. I liked a band/celebrity up until they got famous.

It took me a long time to understand the phenomenon, but when it finally hit me, it seemed so clear, though I don't know if my experience is the same as the one that has been previously described.

I am not going to mention the person/band that helped me to come to this realization, because then this would turn into a rant, and really, that isn't what I want this entry to be. Instead, in thinking about it, I came to a few realizations at to why this happened.

I was reading an article about said entity this morning and it hit me that they didn't have the same cachet in my heart that they once did after reading laudatory comment after comment about them. It was like I couldn't be happy for them that they are becoming so successful and well-known, and now I sort of resent the people who weren't on board earlier when it comes to their work.

And I know full well, I've been one of those people that were a late supporter of a band or celebrity, so it is really hypocritical of me to have those feelings. That's what is messing with my mind. I never wanted to be that kind of guy, and now I am. I am sort of turning my back on a performer who I've enjoyed for over a decade.

They are still the same performer they always were... they didn't sell out, so it is ALL me. Sorry to you, my purposely anonymous celeb/band. I didn't think it would end this way, but alas it has.


Jeremy Barker said...

Wear it with pride!
(Was it Arcade Fire?)

MC said...

lol... I'll never tell.... well, never say never... DOH!

Chris said...

I hate to break it to you, but Abba's been famous for some time now. D'oh!

Mayren said...

Indie moments are special.

MC said...

Chris: Do a blogsearch for ABBA here... you will be surprised.

Mayren: Yes... short bus special sometimes.