Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The RIAA is killing internet radio

Once again, those great visionaries at the Recording Industry Association of America have come up with a brilliant plan. Since their corporate members are losing money, they instead devise a royalty fee structure for internet radio stations that increases them to the point that it becomes almost economically impossible for them to survive.

I mean sure, the lost revenue from the previous royalty scheme is a small price for the record companies to pay to ensure that potential customers feel alienated and that their marketing departments are going to work that much harder to entice people to buy their products, because as everybody knows, FM radio, a medium with is not being saddled with these fees, absolutely adores the midlist artist and people absolutely love being treated like thieves after buying some music.

I guess the RIAA's members have all their eggs in the music video basket... oh wait, the major music channels don't really show them anymore, and the places where they would be welcomed and given a lot of exposure are the very same places that get those nasty cease and desist letters for showing them.

Well this is a fine mess you boys and girls at the RIAA have gotten yourselves into, isn't it? I for one can't wait until I have to sign my name at the counter when I buy a CD. Now that is going to be a day to remember.

Corporate Copyright Fundamentalism. You gotta love it... or else the RIAA will kidnap you and take you to one of their special camps for re-education.

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