Monday, March 26, 2007

Portroids: Celebrity photography with a difference

I discovered a wonderous site over the weekend called Portroids, and you all should check it out too.

Rick DeMint, the founder and photographer of the site, takes portraits of celebrities(and people he knows) with his polaroid camera(thus the title of the site... PORTrait + poloROID), and has them sign them, and through this process, an astonishing panoramic view of a certain world emerges, a world that I've never been privy too and one that fascinates me endlessly. It isn't just the fact that the people he tends to snap are ones I've talked about before here(like Patton Oswalt, America Ferrera and Tommy Chong), but that he has rules to how he does it(one picture, person must sign it before it develops, they are not for sale etc). That is what makes it such a great project, because by having these people sign the pictures, it introduces an additional element to the interaction.

Plus it is fun to look at some of the weird signatures(Mary Lynn Rajskub's sticks out in my mind). And Matt Groening's looks exactly like you would expect it would.

What is truly surprising is how good some of these people look even under these harsh conditions. After all, polaroid cameras are usually not held up as the highest standard of photographic quality. Maura Tierney... wow.

Portroids... a concept whose time has come. Huzzah!


Mayren said...

The concept is cool actually .. the signature technically give the authorization. lucky bastage to get all those photo opps

MC said...

I also like the fact that he has some long-term goals of people he wants to snap photos of.