Friday, March 09, 2007

Pop Culture Heroines

I recently wrote an entry for the blog Pop Culture Heroines after seeing that a few of my blogging friends (Tracey from Quiet Paws and Becca from No Smoking in the Skull Cave) had already taken the leap.

Now usually I am not that collaborative of a blogger, but as someone who appreciates strong female voices(especially in music), well, the unifying motif was attractive to me(no pun intended), so it seemed to be something worth looking into for me.

And as someone who watched Alias for it entire run, it seemed natural for me to talk about Sydney Bristow for my first article for the blog, and I have a few other characters in mind for some followup work.

I know a lot of my readers also like to delve into the wonderland of the pop cultural experience and so this isn't just the idle self-promotion on my part, I assure you.

Pop Culture Heroines is also looking for new writers, so if any of this sounds interesting, well you should contact Lee, the site's founder.


Mayren said...

Loved your article! I have a fondness for Syd too.
This is a new side of your pop cultureness that is most welcome MC. *hug* great job!

MC said...

Well, I thought my piece on Betty Suarez here was showing some of that same pop cultural awareness. ;)

Becca said...

It's nice to see you are writing for the Heroines blog. Great piece by the way!

MC said...

And the weird thing is, when I first found out about it after Tracey posted her article from PCH regarding Mrs. Cooper on Quiet Paws, I had seriously contemplated telling you about it as well(since you've written so many articles about strong women characters)... well, that is until I saw you had written an article about the fabulously foxy leather-clad Emma Peel.

And thank you for the compliment.

MC said...

Wow, now that was a slip. Mrs. Cohen, not Mrs. Cooper(Melinda Clarke did slither well in that role though).