Tuesday, February 20, 2007

'Studio 60' looks like it is done

After week after week of getting pummelled by the Nielsen numbers and critics alike, it seems likely that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has met its end with the dreaded word Hiatus.

Yes, NBC says the show will return, but given the current television environment, I think the best we can hope for is that they burn the episodes out during the summer, but even that sounds far fetched.

Of course, given the sharp decline in the quality of the show over the past 5-6 episodes, I am not all that heartbroken by this decision. I think those of us who watched it knew that this was coming, and we had prepared ourselves for its demise.

I still have Ugly Betty and the Knights of Prosperity from the new crop, so all in all, it has still been a decent year for new shows.

Now we just have to wait for Aaron Sorkin to bitterly come out and attack the critics and the bloggers for pointing out flaws with the show and helping Studio 60 to fail. It should be any day now.


Jess said...

I never got around to checking out Studio 60, but I really enjoyed what I've seen of 30 Rock.

Semaj said...

So are 30 Rock and Studio 60 similar?

MC said...

Aside from the fact that they both take place on the sets of SNL-like shows and are/were both on NBC, they aren't really similar. 30 Rock has one particular quality which Aaron Sorkin could have really benefitted from... and that is subtlety.

Tracey said...

Ohhh I'm a big fan of Ugly Betty...such a great show

pg said...

I really wanted to like Studio 60, and enjoyed the first two episodes. But you are right, it really became unlikeable recently.

MC said...

Tracey: Betty is the best!

PG: It didn't so much jump a shark as drive off a cliff between late November and the Christmas episode.

Ben said...

Tell Aaron it's not our fault he half-assed the writing. I loved the concept, and the first episode was lights out. It was downhill from there.

Sorta like Commander in Chief. Although I couldnt stomach the entire first episode, if you plot it's ratings on a graph, it was hilarious. I think it went 11..10.5...9.5...8...7...6.5...5

As for Studio, I don't think it was around long enough for anyone to get attached. I know I wasn't, and I was a loyal watcher. I can't imagine it will be replaced with anything better though. Unfortunate.

I tried to get into Ugly Betty, but I just can't do it. I can't help but think 'this is dumb' every time I try to get into it.

Knights of Prosperity looked decent to me, but it conflicts with something else we watch here.

For the record, 30Rock was the best thing to come out of last fall's new shows, hands down. No contest. No competition.

It's freakin great.

MC said...

The new show is called the Black Donnelleys... so far it seems pretty meh to me.

Ugly Betty is an acquired taste...

Jim Squires said...

Yeah - The Black Donnelly's looks like the OC in South Boston. The ads are just painful to watch.

I'm one of the few out there that's been enjoying Studio 60 all the way along, so it's a real shame to see it go. Does anyone know off hand when The Black Donnelly's will be replacing Studio 60? Is it this upcoming Monday, or will we at least get a few more episodes before we kiss it goodbye?

MC said...

Well given the fact that the Black D's features someone that was on the O.C., that isn't a bad analogy.

The changeover is this Monday yes.