Monday, February 26, 2007

Was there something major on last night? Hmmm

I didn't watch the Oscars. There I said it.

As someone who purports to be on the ball when it comes to pop culture, I just couldn't muster an interest in watching the telecast this year. Usually I at least make an effort to stop by and watch at least some of the proceedings but this year, I just had no interest whatsoever in the ceremony. It had nothing to do with Ellen or the movies involved, it was just something that just sort of happened.

Sure, I care about the results somewhat, but in the end, I think I did better things with my time. Mainly it involved my favorite Lombax and robot team and a couple of Mythbusters, but that is beside the point.

I was probably more entertained doing that than watching the pageantry that is the Oscar ceremony. I have a greater vested interest in the Emmys or Golden Globes as an award than I ever have in the Oscars. I am frankly apathetic at the moment about the ceremony.

And I mean, if anything really controversial had happened, well, I could always count on one of a wide variety of sites to repackage the footage for my own casual perusal. If I was into fashion, well, there are so many pictures online of the celebs on the red carpet, and even the commercials are likely available online somewhere.

I think SamuraiFrog put it best however:

Like I always say, the Oscars are a big industry party and circle jerk for people patting themselves on the back. So let's not treat them like they're important. They're just fun to watch and critique.

I couldn't have said it better myself.


Anonymous said...

The Oscars have no meaning to me. About half of the films nominated haven't even been screened in my part of the world yet, so I can't really see how the actors who got the awards deserved it.

- Bluesky_Liz

Michelle said...

Hi Matt, I watched the Oscars this year, and trust me, you didn't miss anything. No one said or did anything controversial. No crazy outfits. All in all, it was pretty lame.

Speaking of awards, my email is This is my spam address so put CULTURE KILLS in all caps in the subject line, ok? Thank you, and I would like to thank all those (you) who made it possible. :) I'm gonna post it on my blog and I put the Pee&Poo post back up.

MC said...

Liz: I haven't seen most of the movies either... which may be why the Emmys have more meaning for me, as I've seen more of the subjects being judged.

Michelle: The badge should be there now.