Friday, January 05, 2007

Projected Story Ideas for Studio 60 in the New Year

If you are planning on watching the show on DVD or if/when it arrives on your nation's airwaves, I would skip this entry as it does contain spoilers regarding things that have already come to pass.

I like the show and all, but I can still admit that yes, it is somewhat silly at times. So in that vein, I thought about some of the possible directions the show could go in. These are meant to be humorous for the fact that they are plausible but unlikely, and in no way do I actually expect these things to happen this season.

  • Matt and Danny hire new writers for the room, one of whom is very much the sexual social climber, much to Harriet Hayes' chagrin. The whole arc culminates in a stunt guest appearance by either Steve Martin, Anne Heche or Ellen Degeneres.

  • Matt and Danny sit in a darkened bar for an entire episode navel-gazing about the moral implications of pursuing romances where an imbalance of power exists whilst throwing out references to Bismarckian politics, Mark Twain and the Taming of the Shrew.

  • A Christian fundamentalist group boycotts the network over a sketch involving a fake commercial for a Jesus bottle opener that turns your bottled water into wine and Harriet Hayes must calm the whole situation down with Biblical materials and a quote from a rather stunning source.

  • A guest appearance by Martin Sheen as himself culminates in the line to Danny Tripp (played by Bradford Whitford) that "he looks really familiar, but he can't put his finger on it". This joke could also work with Matthew Perry's Matt Albie with a cast member of Friends, Ricky Gervais and the writer played by Lucy Davis or Nate Corddry and anyone from the Daily Show.

  • In the terse control room, the technical staff of Studio 60 battle over whether to launch a tactical strike against 30 Rock.

  • Danny, Matt and Jordan discuss the fickleness of the committees that nominate shows for awards.

  • Five Words: Jordan McDeere's baby - The anti-Christ

  • Simon Stiles is caught in a sex tape scandal. Ratings for the in-series Studio 60 explode. Ratings for the real life Studio 60 do not.

  • Ed Asner's Wilson White publicly bickers with Rachael Ray after she claims that he is just a hairy freak with no spunk and darker intentions in mind with that whole Macao deal.

Anyone want to put some odds on variations of any of that stuff happening?


Diesel said...

You know, when you put it like that, it becomes clear how predictable the show's unpredictability is. Still, I keep watching.

MC said...

Well, most things are less predictable than they appear. ;)