Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I have seen the light... wait, I need a light

In accordance with my seventh pop cultural resolution this year, I decided to find a religion that was just tailor-made for me and I think I have found it.

The Church of the Latter Day Dude, a church based on the fundamental principles set forth in the movie The Big Lebowski, and the philosophies, lives and works of other great Dude prophets in the past, like Lao Tzu, Heraclitus and Walt Whitman and present day warriors of the faith like Sarah Silverman, Quincy Jones and Joni Mitchell amongst others.

The Dudeist philosophy is a strange and wonderous thing, and one that is both deep and wide. Allow me to quote from the Duderonomy

As stated in Book 3, Chapter 8

What happens when one fucks a stranger in the ass is not always what one might think will happen, nor what is necessarily fair or just to any of the concerned parties.

And I must always keep Book 1, Ch. 7 in my heart and mind.

Employ comfortable furnishings in your home such as reclining chairs, scented candles, Persian rugs and fanciful mini-bars with ironic posters of former adversaries. Your house is your temple and your temple should be well tied-together.

So, do you think you have what it takes for the life of the bathrobe and flipflops?


Anonymous said...

The Dude abides.

Diesel said...

And the Dude said "Whoah" be to you.

MC said...

Of course, I have to figure out the Stranger... he is the key to the whole religion me thinks. He is the scribe, the secret sharer for all that exemplifies his Dudeness.

AG said...

Contemplate thou the Stranger. Be thou the Achiever. And do not roll on Shabbos.

MC said...

...and adhere to a strict drug regiment to keep one's mind limber for one shall be in the presence of a child who walks into the middle of a conversation and asks the simple and profound questions while being out of their element.

Mayren said...

I think you're completely ready to embrace Dudeisms.

MC said...

*wonders how long it will be until reformation and the holy wars*