Monday, December 04, 2006

Yet Another Missed Opportunity

My life has been one of missed opportunities which doesn't so much make me unique in any way but rather just feeling a tad unfortunate. This weekend I once again missed out because I failed to simply check something in a timely manner.

You see, on Saturday night, I started Yahoo! Messenger for the first time in days and I discovered a message which almost made me sick. I literally almost threw up after reading it. It was sent last Wednesday and read as follows:

This is **** ******* from Yahoo! Music. We have spoken before. Any interest in coming to Yahoo! Music offices in Santa Monica next Wednesday December 6 to meet the folks behind Y! Music and attend a live taping by a celebrity musician? Transportation and accommodations would be paid for by Yahoo!. If you're interested, please respond back and we will send you more details on a first-come, first-serve basis (we have limited availablility).

Suffice it to say, discovering it hours after I had put up the comic was much too late to take advantage of that offer from someone I had indeed spoken to often when I started one of the Y! Groups for Launchcast in early 2003. I know that the offer was on the level, as a few other individuals I know took the company up on it.

So let's do the checklist of ways this hurts:

1) I'm a pop culture blogger and I missed the opportunity to get inside one of the major online music websites for a day
2) I missed out on potentially meeting a celebrity musician or group.
3) I could have visited one of the biggest Internet companies out there... on their dime.
4) My best friend is currently in Pasadena(long story).
5) On Wednesday it was going to be clear and 70 Degrees in Santa Monica.


Now I wonder what the next opportunity I am going to miss is going to be.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh man...

I feel your pain!

Jeremy said...

Don't stress about it - the free trip would have been nice but the inside workings on an internet company is not something to be desired. It's less Willy Wonka and more Microserfs. I know of where I speak, having worked at two major web players since '99. It isn't the dream factory one would hope. Of course the weather would have been nice.

Mel said...

Oh, mannnnnn.... that sucks rocks. I'm sorry, Matt!

MC said...

Mr. Fab and Mel: Thanks for your sympathy.

Jeremy: It was more about 1,2 and 4 really. That and the fact that one of the people who is going is also an indie/eclectic musician, so I could have done some good networking too.