Friday, December 08, 2006

News from the Whedonverse

I have not one but two communiques about the Joss Whedon universe to report today.

First, there is going to be an 8th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer... but it is going to be in comic book form. Whedon is set to write the first four and last four issues of the roughly thirty issue series along with selected books throughout the run. For the Robot Chicken fans out there, I am hoping that at least one of the stories involved possessed Cabbage Patch Kids dolls -- I am just saying. Because of Whedon's strong involvement, these story lines will also be part of the Buffy canon, so for fans they seem to be must buy items.

The second development surrounding Whedon is the announcement that 20th Century Fox in partnership with Multiverse Network Inc. are in the process of developing a MMORPG based around Firefly, though the project won't launch until sometime in 2008, I am sure those who were loyal to the show will be willing to wait just over a year to start their interactive journey through that universe. Of course, at this time there is no word of any involvement by Whedon himself, but that may be misleading. Time will tell how much if any involvement he will have on the project, though at this time I assume it will be minimal what with him working on the comic and a screenplay for Wonder Woman, but the possibility is still there for Whedon to shape this project as well.

So for all the Whedon supporters out there, it seems like there are going to be a few new options to explore in the near future for your fandom.


Jess said...

I'd love to play a good Firefly MMO. Something about this project seems a little shady, though (e.g. no mention of Whedon's involvement, no specific design studio named, etc.).

A man can dream, though.

MC said...

I remember all the mmorpgs that were supposed to be in development that didn't come to fruition, so I think your skepticism is well founded.

Tracey said...

I think this is SOOO AWESOME!! I hope it all comes together.

Semaj said...

Good for Whedon, I've always liked his dialogue And his characters. I just hope he can keep the Wonder Woman project on track.

MC said...

Semaj: Well, if he is successful with Wonder Woman, I think he will have some decent power to work with on new projects.

tracey: Well, the comic should work out... it is that MMORPG that seems the most troublesome part.