Thursday, October 19, 2006

South Park Guys + Corporate Master + Stars = Big Funny

For some strange reason back in 1995, Universal Studios thought it would be a great idea to let Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who would soon go on to South Park fame, direct an employee video to ease the transition after Seagrams bought a controlling interest in the company.

So many cameos(Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Sly Stallone, Demi Moore), and so much industrial film satire, especially at Universal's expense. I liked a quip I saw about it... that the funniest thing about the movie is the fact that the Universal Executives had to watch it before they decided that it really wasn't for them.

Watch it while you can, and I have a feeling that the genie will soon be going back into the bottle through the magic of litigation.


Babs said...

Love the attractive porcelain deer!

Mr. Fabulous said...

This was awesome! Thanks for uncovering it.

Paul said...

That's fantastic!

And today is Trey Parker's birthday.

snackiepoo said...

I love Matt and Trey, so yah. Do you know that they did a special thank you video to the guys at Blizzard for letting them do that WoW episode and then gave them the sword they had designed for the show? Coolness.

MC said...

Babs: The deer popping up everywhere was classic.

Mr. Fab: hehehe... isn't it good to see that they didn't really have to develop into the South Park frame of mind... it is like they were already there.

Paul: Indeed it is.

Snackie: Well, I liked the fact that the people at Blizzard weren't portrayed as bad and evil, like other corps and people have been.