Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shark: Another series that looks like it is going to be GOOD

James Woods as Sebastian Shark StarkAs you all know, I like the conmen, the people that are willing to bend rules and play dirty to achieve larger aims, and another CBS show this season looks like it will explore that rich vein.

On CBS's Shark, top defense attorney Sebastian Stark played by James Woods has a crisis of conscience when his most recent victory in a celebrity domestic abuse case results in the death of his client's wife. He is then given an opportunity to join a task force to prosecute high profile cases under Jessica Devlin played by Jeri Ryan. And since Stark had been a real thorn in her side for years as her opposition, she isn't too happy to be working with him so his team is made up of the most marginalized of the District Attorney office's staff.

Law and Order
this certainly is not, though certain comparisons to the Practice/Boston Legal could be made, though I think of another show when I watch what footage I can get my hands on.

Eyes. That short-lived but so flavorful ABC series starring a wickedly cunning Tim Daly as the head of a risk-assessment/private investigatory company. And keeping with that theme, Shark was almost cancelled before it even got a chance until Woods signed up, so I sort of have to root for it on that level too.

But I digress. This is James Woods first television series after all, and as the man who played Hades amongst other shady figures, he brings a lot to this show. He is an actor who gets into complexity to his characters, and as he works, he is just fun to watch. And knowing that he is the best at what he does as a force of evil but he is fighting on the side of right is also appealing.

The pilot was also directed by Spike Lee and Brian Glazer is the producer, so there is a lot of talent in this television package. I also remember another little show that started off with Brian Grazer and a formerly film-only actor and that series went on to win the Emmys for best actor and best drama this year, so it seems like a good time to get in on a show at the ground floor.

Watch the Trailer and see what you think. It premieres on Thursday September 21 after CSI.


Hilly said...

I'm truly verklempt because I know half of the new shows that I am liking will be cut mid season, like they did with Eyes, those bastards....I loved Tim Daly in that role.

Another one was Reunion...yeah, it was soapy but don't leave us hanging halfway through a murder season, for goodness sake.

Have you seen Justice? I love that show mainly due to how well Victor Garber plays the role; it seems as if a lot of shows this season are carrying high profile actors so that they don't get the axe like last season....we shall see =).

TJ said...

I've always liked James Woods. He's one of those underrated actors that pops up in the weirdest movies. He is a pleasure to watch.

MC said...

Hilly: I tried watching Justice tonight, but there was just something about it(it was probably the cuts), that pushed me away. But I love Victor Garber's work and that smugness he had, but he will always be the spy daddy to me.

I have my own Reunion-type stories as well... damn you Push, Nevada, DAMN YOU. And I know there is a mystery that was cancelled in the middle that I have intentionally blocked out of my mind.

TJ: The man knows how to hustle in every conceivable way, and I think he holds the rare distinction of playing himself on both the Simpsons and Family Guy.

Hilly said...

Ya know, the thing about tonight's episode that I loved was its title, "Behind The Orange Curtain" because it is soooo true as I live behind that Orange Curtain that guards "The OC" from Los Angeles County.

I think they need to pick it up by actually having some of the defendants either get convicted or end up being guilty at the end...

Semaj said...

I agree with TJ, I've always loved James Woods' performances. Wasn't he in a GTA game? Maybe not.

BTW, that was a great trailer. I liked what I saw in that trailer, except for Jeri Ryan. I'm not convinced she can act.

MC said...

Hilly: Well, I know on CSI that people outwit them or do just the right thing to get away with it, so it stands to reason that it will eventually happen on Justice as well... at the time when it will be most shocking.

Semaj: He played Mike Toreno in San Andreas(a character I want to see comeback if they do a San Andreas stories). And I haven't drank the Kool Aid on Jeri Ryan either... I could go either way with her.