Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I know this is in bad taste: Horatio Sanz

I know it is in really bad taste to be happy about someone getting fired... but I can't help myself.

I am glad that Horatio Sanz got canned from SNL. He wasn't bringing the quality to the show that it really needed at the moment, and without some of his better foils, he didn't seem to be performing at his best. So I think this is a good move for both parties.

Of course, I am left wondering about what is next for him. I know that he, like some of his fellow cast members, was a member of the Upright Citizen's Brigade and the Second City, and so he may again pursue sketch comedy, but I can think of a better use of his talents.

Voice work. I know it isn't as glamorous as film or television acting, but his role on Disney's Fillmore was something that worked for him and he would probably do well in that kind of work, and if he decides to do that, I wish him the best.

But if he signs up for Boat Trip II... well, then we should be very afraid.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I think in this case, it is okay to be happy.

Scooter said...

I'm with you on this, in a sea of unfunny people that have stunk up the SNL stage in the last couple years, Sanz was the worst.

Greg said...

Sanz used to be good, I thought, but yes, he just hasn't been bringing his A-game lately. But the same could be said about a few of his former castmates, too. Let's hope they work it out. No Tina Fey or Rachel Dratch makes me super-skeptical.

Melanie said...

Horatio Sanz - kinda heavy guy, dark hair, about as exciting as Cream of Wheat? That guy?
He was still on SNL?
Go figger.

Leon said...

Damn right. I never really liked the guy. He always laughed at his own jokes, probably in a sad attempt to make them funnier.

Matt said...

I tend to agree. He definitely had funny moments but it seems like nearly every sketch he would break character and start laughing. That is never the sign of a good SNL cast member.

Semaj said...

yeah, he was never really funny, i agree with you here. but, it still doesnt make SNL any better

MC said...

Mr. Fab: Thank you.

Scooter: Did he ever stay in character when Fallon was working with him?

Greg: I think that is probably going to be dealt with on Studio 60(the fact that the talent is going to be dubious at best this year). Nice blog btw.

Melanie: 8 years experience. Go figure indeed. Hammond's been there for 11 years.

Leon: Or like some of the other "big men" of SNL, he was abusing a substance or two before hand.

Matt: It sort of makes me wonder if he was like that with the UCB and second city too.

Semaj: Well, you never know who could come in as a day player to fill in the gaps, but SNL isn't the jewel it once was.

lilfunky1 said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but thanks for letting me rent from you for the week!

MC said...

Your intro should be up pretty soon. Glad to have you aboard.

Maritza said...

He used to be funny but now he's just sad.

MC said...

I could go along with that.