Friday, September 01, 2006

How to drive yourself nutty every fall

I am a sick, sick man.

I'm in three different Fantasy Football Leagues, and I think they have names for that kind of behavior and those names usually appear in psychiatric literature, because it can drive you a little schizo.

Don't believe me. If you watch football, imagine having simultaneously root for your quarterback to throw a touchdown and the opposition to pick off the pass at the same time... and you have to deal with these Wagnerian struggles in every single game you see every Sunday. Or how about having to hope the star player on one of your teams does terribly because this same figure is also a member of a far stronger team in another league that is poised to beat you, a moment that can bring you both joy and sorrow.

Or how about this: you discover that you can do algebra in your head looking at stats during halftime and figuring out if you should be winning or losing come the next morning, because truth be told, math is only good for gambling, sports and saving money, isn't it, because other than those three areas, it certainly hasn't done anything for me.

And you know it is bad when you realize that you studied more for a live draft than you did for a college exam, and even worse when in retrospect you did better on that final than you did picking your own players. It isn't like the value of answer C on the multiple choice test is going to suddenly be wrong because it twisted its ankle on the first page of the test. Then again, only a few people can support themselves with fantasy football, whereas there is good eating in a degreee. lea

I bet you anything that if they did a study, poor fantasy football results would be at least part of the reason for Seasonal Affective Disorder. You just watch.


DutchBitch said...

OK STOP RIGHT THERE! I can't take it anymore... I am SO gonna get my ass kicked in that football league... as I don't understand shit about it... * pout *

Jen said...

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MC said...

I played in a soccer league and I can't for the life of me understand the offside rules, so I think we can agree that you may be able to pull this of dutchy.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I do that with baseball, and it drives Mrs. Fab crazy. If a Red Sox pitcher gives up a three run homer nothing will piss her off more than if I say, " least I had that batter in my fantasy lineup".

She HATES that.

I am not as much into football. Although I am only in one league this year, not the four or five I usually am, so maybe I will be more focused.

MC said...

See, I am all about the football to the exclusion of other sports(yes, I am a Canadian who doesn't dig the hockey, I admit it). I drive people nuts talking about it.

And it isn't like my love of the game is constrained to a single team, division or even level. I have preferences, sure, but when it comes to football, I'll watch almost any College or NFL game... and don't get me started on the NFL Films... *drool*