Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tenant in Room 110: Make Me Watch TV

Since this is a different kind of site, I don't think my previous methods of linking to a lot of backposts would effectively convey the genius behind this blog site, however, I have made an alternate plan for dealing with this. But on with the intro.

Make Me Watch TV

The site is called Make Me Watch TV, and the premise is simple: Aric McKeown is forced to watch whatever show his readers want him to through the process of online polling. Now we can all be mean and make him watch the worst television possible or force him to miss a show that he really likes, or you can be kind and let him watch shows that he clearly enjoys. It is up to you, and that is the beauty of this experiment.

Of course, like a lot of reality shows, there is an element of block voting, and as such I have a favor to ask.

I remember when I wrote about Prison Break last week, I mentioned that the second season premiere would be a good place to jump into the series, and I want to put this hypothesis to the test. So, I would like to ask all my readers to vote for Prison Break at 7PM August 21st. What makes this a decent experiment is Aric hated watching Prison Break when he was forced to last season, and it looks like some of the things he didn't like about the show are now not part of the equation, and I want to know if I was indeed right about my initial thought. This is the only influence I am going to try to peddle here, and Aric, think of this as the lesser of many evils... namely 7th Heaven. Other than that, vote away... just vote for whatever you want to at his site.

To make this intro a little more fair for Aric, I am going to post a reminder about voting in general at his site in a few days so he will get the full benefits of this rental.


Jeremy said...

I've done my voting duty and will be watching as well.

MC said...

And as of this moment, Prison Break is up by 5 votes. Thanks to everyone who voted.