Monday, August 07, 2006

Supporting net neutrality

I generally try to stay away from politics here at Culture Kills, but sometimes, you have to make exceptions, and since this is peripherally related to my personal mandate, I think I can get away with it just this once.

You see, when I first saw this video at Casual Slack, meant to spread the net neutrality message, I thought that it was being aimed at the wrong audience. I thought it was addressing the American Congress, and much like the recent discussions regarding gaming, the use of Leslie Hall, the Tron Guy and "Peter Pan", all beloved internet phenomenon in their own right, wasn't going to change any minds before a vote like this.

However, I now realize that the intension behind the video was to get ordinary citizens, especially younger people who have spent a good deal of their lives online, involved in this process by contacting their representatives to try to stop this from happening.

I know I am not an American, but I can see ways in which the current legislation could affect users all over the world, not just in the United States, after all, I am blogging on a site that Google owns, and a lot of other places I go to get news, entertainment and other services could be dramatically affected either financially or from a service standpoint making them much less viable, and that scares me, as I really enjoy blogging and the act of discovering new things every day online, I wouldn't want something very external to me to affect that.

I also just occurred to me to think of what would happen to online gaming if such legislation passed. After all, many of the large media conglomerates also own game companies which would have a vested interest in their competition's failure due to poor connection times and frequent lag times. Just some stuff to think about.

I support net neutrality

*politics off*

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