Monday, August 28, 2006

The smallest changes have the biggest effect

I discovered a few things over the weekend, and through that cathartic process, I have come to some conclusions, the most immediate result of which is I've decided that, in part, I am not longer going to hide behind my initials.

I mean, I don't really talk about anything personal here, so who or what am I really hiding from. And given the fact that many of you already know my name anyway, well, it was becoming less and less an issue.

So let the stalking begin. (Ok, I really shouldn't be joking about that. Really)


Jen said...

I won't stalk you
I promise..


Chief Scientist said...

I just dig the little icons you have for digg, reddit, etc. I have them all written out ... which works too ... but icons??? You rule.

And I don't even have time to stalk hot chicks I know ... you're completely safe. That Jen looks suspicious though ...

Anonymous said...

Ha, I forgot how I learned your real name earlier....I remember knowing it was Matt cause when Karl was here, he would say "Matt this and Matt that" and I was like, "who?"...oh yeah, MC....but I knew Caverhill...oh yeah, when I asked for contact info, duh.

Schad Enfreude said...

Whoa. Well this just goes right against convention! Go ahead while you're at it and post the address of the Batcave why don't ya!

Actually, I see your point and you've inspired me, so I'm going to publish my first and last name here as well.

Lead on, fearless leader!

Jeremy Barker said...

A pleasure to meet you, Writing Guy. And I too love the icons and fully intend to implement them. I just got put off after a couple of days of cursing out my template, which you so ably fixed for me.

Paul Gorbould said...

Bravo, Matt. I came to the same conclusion soon after I started blogging. There's certainly a place for anonymity, but sometimes it's just a hastle. I figure, if you can stand behind what you say (and you do) you might as well do so. You can always start a different blog for your slander and filthy lies ;)

MC said...

Jen: No worries then?

Chief Scientist: I can provide you with the necessary images/code so you could have them too.

Hilly: Get the hell out! People talking about me when I am not present. You're pulling my leg! (and there is no sarcasm in that statement). I am just very surprised.

Schad: I'd rather just keep placing my classified ads to help people equal the odds against them.

Jeremy: The day will come when you feel comfortable dropping that code in, so don't feel like you need to rush it.

Paul: I just got so used to hiding behind my pseudonyms online that it just seemed like the right thing to continue doing... until that moment of clarity and it just seemed like the right thing to do now.

Bean said...

When I first posted the name of my town on my blog my mum expressed a lot of concern. In the 10 minutes I spent wondering whether I should take it down, I remembered the following facts about my mum:

She insists that I install a smoke alarm above my bed in case my laptop battery catches on fire.

She sends me newspaper clippings about why you shouldn't stop for police if there is noone around, in case they are rapists in disguise. This despite the fact that I don't own a car.

She generally believes with her whole heart that every email fwd she receives is the absolute truth. I shudder to think how many donations she has paypal'd to the families of imaginary kiddies with leukemia.

That was all it took to put paranoia back into perspective. Sure the web is full of crazies, but not as crazy as my mum.

TJ said...

Dateline, 1911 - Citizens are concerned that the publication of the knew 'Telephone Directory' will lead to unwanted stalking, rapes, and murders.

Said Ezekial Cavendish: "With this Telephone Directory, ANYBODY can have access to my personal phone number, AND my address. What if some scalawag sees my name and address and decides to call me or drop by for a visit? What is a gentleman to do?"

Representatives of DPC (Da Phone Company) have responded by allowing citizens to request an "unlisted" number.

Karl said...

I didn't realize you were hiding. Guess I've just known your name from the get-go and thought you preferred your initials. Oh well, now I'll revert to calling you MC since you're outing yourself as Matt.

MC said...

There was an incident in 1996 when I was in college which was why I said I shouldn't be joking about stalking. So I am not being super-freaky prudish or paranoid or anything like that.

DutchBitch said...

Aaaawwwwww... Matthew... such a cute name!

I WILL be stalking you, thank you very much. I've never tried it and I might like it. I can't pass up on a chance like this to give it a shot, hon!

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Matthew, congratulations on coming out. I already stalk you, so it shouldn't change anything.


Anomie (aka. Claudia)

MC said...

Dutchy: As long as you wear that bellybutton ring, who am I to complain?

MC said...

AA: When we talk, you will get a laugh. I swear you will.