Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Me and CoComment have parted ways

I enjoyed using CoComment the past couple of months, but I've been having an increasing number of problems with it on the client side and in discovering this problem, it made the extension less viable for the blog as well(as I need to be recording comments at other blogs for them to show up here), so I have removed the recent comments functionality from this site.

Hopefully these actions will also improve load times for my readers as well.


Christophe said...


We are very sad you feel necessary to remove coComment from your blog and no longer want to use our service.

We are working hard to improve it and make huge efforts to stay reactive to user feedback.

If you have some specific cases were coComment was not working properly for you, we will be very interested to hear about it and to make all what is possible to solve it.

Thanks for your help.

Stephanie said...

Christophe beat me to it! I saw your post earlier today and also wanted to ask you what where the "showstopper" problems you had which made you give up the service.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

DutchBitch said...

Uhm... what is CoComment? (I know I know, silly girl... again...)

MC said...

christophe/stephanie: I am using an unsupported OS and the Cocomment/Firefox combination was leading to very slow accessibility to sites(while scripts on the page loaded). CoComment is still a very fine product, but with the combination of factors, it became increasingly unviable for me.

Dutchy: CoComment is a bookmarklet/extension that allows you to keep track of your blog comments all over the web. It is pretty cool, but for reasons beyond their control, it hasn't been working right for me, but I am sure you would like it.

Mr. Fabulous said...

That DOES sound cool. I'd try it, but I'm still over my head in WordPress.

By the way, your site loads fine for me.

Jeremy Barker said...

Based on MC's knowledge and mad blog skillz (which in turn I base on his assistance in helping me with my comment issues), I will take any advice or recommendations he gives seriously.

Um, I really didn't know where else to post this, so I stuck it here. It's about comments so it seemed somewhat releavant. Thanks again.

shirley said...

Umm, the words you used sounded super cool to me! (helpless smile)

MC said...

Mr. Fab: Good to hear it. And yes, work out your issues with WordPress first... as you may be asked to help some people out with it.

Jeremy: There is a reason I used Bubs as an avatar. "I can fix everything what needs fixing: cars, TVs... websites?" ;)

Shirley: You pet the mosquito again, didn't you.