Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bizarre Video makes me wonder about Coincidence

OK, I just saw this on YouTube and I just had to post it. HAD TO.

The Simpsons vs. Star Trek

Star Trek meets the Simpsons The above image is from

It is so cool and outlandish that if I had seen it on someone else's blog first, well, that could have been award-winning, but as it is, it is something to marvel at.

But the kicker to all this is the dude that did it... his YouTube name is culturekiller.

You see why I HAD to post it. It was like kismet or whatever you call it.


Brandon said...

Wow! That sure was, uh, something. Pretty cool.

Thanks for joining the fantasy league. I can't wait to kick your butt and brag about it all over the blogosphere.

Semaj said...

Man, I loved that. Good find

Paul said...

Wow, dude actually has and can play a Theremin! That's awesome.

I once went to a nightclub in Berlin where everyone dressed in 60s clothes and the MC (who looked like Barry Manilow) took requests to play on an Hammond organ, while the bartender accompanied on the Theremin. You haven't lived until you've heard Twisted Sister on a Theramin.

The club had the best name ever: Schmaltzwald.

MC said...

Brandon: Well, with both of us having a silver performance in a football league, I think we can make it interesting.

semaj: So you see why I had to post it.

Paul: I certainly wish I had one. It is part of the menagerie of weird and compelling sounding instruments from 1960's-70's rock. And I do agree, that is an awesome name for a club.