Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Tenant in Room 107: Adventures in Cyberia

This week I had 11 wonderful blogs to choose from, but I ended up ultimately picking Adventures in Cyberia, a Sims 2-based serialized photo drama.

In retrospect, it was a no brainer for me really because:

1) Pop Culture stars are some of the main characters
2) I played the original Sims a lot
3) I am a recovering soap opera addict(which I will write about here someday)
4) Karl, Hilly and so many other great bloggers are part of the ongoing storyline.

So you can see, I had to rent to these 5 plucky gals, didn't I.

But onto what makes my rentals so interesting... the deep blog diving, and with Adventures in Cyberia, you pull up a lot of good stuff with each pass through the waters.

Of course, the stories didn't start to flow until a month or so into the experience, but when they started getting things together(and a large cast of characters)... wow.

How about we look at the present meeting of Karl and Hilly as recreated last month. Or how about the beginning of a Hamlet/Wuthering Heights-type story.

Or how about something a little more... Hallowe'eny or why not Meet the Kringles

Of course, I mentioned that some famous people also live in Cyberia... like the Britney/K-Fed trainwreck and Suri and her parents.

Of course, the big appeal for readers of this blog is that they too can become part of the cast if they so wish. So check out Adventures in Cyberia, and just jump in almost anywhere.


Mr. Fabulous said...

BlogMad hit! It's Sim-errific!

Kyle Korleski said...

BlogMad hit. Personally, I've always wanted to play the Sims but never got around to it. (Immigrated to Canada, had other games, not enough money, work, etc.)

MC said...

Indeed it is Mr. Fab

Kyle: It is a rather addictive game granted. Being godlike over a neighborhood of people is rather empowering.

panthergirl said...

Oh what a great promotion for us! At this point, it's really just me (panthergirl). The other goddesses have been to busy with actual lives to post much.

I had started the site myself and SO many bloggers wanted in that I had to recruit help. People have really responded to my celebrities, though... that's been the most fun of all.

Thanks again!!

MC said...

As I have said, most of my tenants have been very satisfied with their experience with Culture Kills.

I also appreciate the fact that you took the time to clarify a few matters that I wasn't able to.

I remember when I played the first game I had Mr. T, Edward Norton from Fight Club and Philip Seymour Hoffman(along with a female roommate) in a house and Catherine Zeta-Jones/Sarah Michelle Gellar/Jennifer Garner as 3 sisters living in a nice little 3 bedroom across the street, so I know the fun of playing with the celebrities.