Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The yellow press

So W.R. Hearst lives on...

Reading this story before I go to bed, I suddenly thought about Citizen Kane and Hearst and the amount of pressure he could exert if he didn't like something, and imagining what he would have been able to do if he had the kind of massive media empire he could only dream of having.

One like, oh, I don't know, Rupert Murdoch has.

Now you all know I love The Simpsons, but I wonder how sick of hearing about them I am going to get if NewsCorp is going to just hit us from every direction with it for the next year or so, because we all know that subtlety is one of the hallmarks of Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

In short, fans and non-fans are both going to be screwed now, as the media is going to just twist this up into a huge whirlwind of suckage and destruction. You just watch.

I just hope that no one writes an article about the Simpsons with the title "Yellow Fever" in the next year or as Krusty the Clown would say, I'll plotz, from jaundice no less.


Jason said...

You know, I think the Simpsons are such a major part of our TV culture that they could not even advertise the movie and it would still do well.

Thank God I have a Tivo and won't have to watch all the promos anyways :P

MC said...

I agree... I think word of mouth and the viral video of that first trailer would sustain it.

Jeremy Barker said...

Oh they are going to beat this one until the old grey mare won't be like it used to be. I'm a Simpsons fanatic, but I am not looking forward to the hype or the movie which I can't see being anything more than a money maker (natch) and nothing to do with creativity.

MC said...

See, I think the finished product will probably be better than average, but the media blitz is going to just drive it into the ground.

Since it takes so long to animate a movie, I wonder if this season's episodes are going to really take a hit as well.