Thursday, June 29, 2006

Truth in Advertising: Religious Division

Given everything horrible I've ever said about Scientology and its adherents, I do have to at least admit that they are honest about one thing.

When an member of the church is getting rid of their thetans through a long and arduous process of examination and tough scrutiny of the hard numbers of their lives, a process that costs them money every time they do it, the church has a name for it.

They call it an audit.

Now, how they got people to willingly go through an audit, I'll never know. I mean, how many people go to the IRS and ask to be audited? Only a few masochists I'll bet. That's just plain chutzpah to do that.

It also makes me wonder even more about the people who, upon hearing about the process, decided that it was right up their alley, because if a religious group had a healing system that involved rectal probing or root canal therapy and I knew that's what it was called from the start... I probably wouldn't be too eager to join up. Well, unless I liked having someone drill down deep inside me for dirty details, but I don't know how my psychiatrist would feel about this line of inquiry.

I guess should ask Dr. Landy what he thinks.


Anomie-Atlanta said...

Good point, what an amusing post, I wish I could read more but it is time form me to boil-off*.

*boil-off: becoming groggy and seeming to sleep (Taken from the Scientology Terms List)

MC said...

Well, don't make me restimulate you, because deja vu's a bitch.

Jody said...

I'd rather have all my teeth pulled.

DutchBitch said...

I am not sure "having someone drill down deep inside you for dirty details" would be a good thing anyway... really... whether you would like it or not... LOL

theothermichelle said...

I think celebrities take to it because they're a different set of species from the rest of us.

Now that I think about it...maybe they are aliens.


Jen said...

nothing like a good audit to get rid of those pesky thetans

all hail Xenu alien ruler of the Galactic Confederacy!!

MC said...

Jody: That is probably more fun... and profitable.

Dutchy: Well, I guess it depends entirely on who was doing it to whom.

Michelle: That would explain why they are so weird all the time.

Jen: Well you know that the auditors are like junk collectors... they charge you money to take something away, and then they sell those same items back to other people for a profit. But who would have known that thetans tasted like pesto.