Thursday, June 15, 2006

DOH! There goes Television as a meaningful media

Well, I hope you all have cable television, because something happened about a half-hour ago which is going to change everything now.

Bush signs broadcast decency law.

Man, I don't know who to hate more right now: Janet Jackson or James C. Dobson.

But I love the irony that the people who probably love this decision are more likely to watch Fox News, and the Fox Network is probably going to be one of the worst hit by this same legislation, as they were for many years, the purveyor of sleaze.

I don't know if that is worth having pablum on tv or not just yet, though I will probably know if this whole thing is working when Jack Bauer stops saying dammit on 24 or the Family Guy suddenly seems like something that would appear on Saturday mornings at 8AM.


Wendy said...

Hey I put up my review of Without Limits for you over at film geeks.

Jen said...

Janet Jackson...
She is the reason for this
Her an her stupid half time show
that sucked


Lorna said...

I thought it was South Park that did it.

MC said...

Wendy: Thank you so much for doing that too. I really appreciate that. :)

Jen: Let's shake our fists at her at the same time.

Lorna: The South Park/Comedy Central issue is different than this legislation, though it does affect the syndicated run of the show. The first run episodes shouldn't be affected by this bill.