Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Web Design trends that must go!

I was flipping around my old bookmarks and I happened to stop at Ping Magazine in Japan, and they had an interesting article about Web Design trends that just have to DIE and I basically agreed with their selections, but I thought that they missed some of the stuff that is going on at places like MySpace.

I mean, I've seen stuff there that turned me into the Who's Tommy... deaf, blind and feeling rather dumb. Really, does anyone need 3 songs and 4 videos to start all at once when you visit a profile. Does a pair of goggles used by the scientists testing atomic bombs need to be the requisite equipment to protect oneself from the effects of the epilepsy-inducing overuse of blink effects, fluorencent colors unseen since 1985 and glitter gifs galore.

Tasteful and MySpace profiles parted ways many moons ago.

And I think the real reason the United States doesn't want to be a part of the International Court of Justice is that too many of its citizens would be brought before a tribunal at the Hague for crimes against humanity for their MySpace profiles. If only a news magazine would take 3 minutes out of their broadcast quota of busting MySpace about its other more infamous problem, maybe something could be done about these crimes against design, because I am sure that for at least a few individuals, a horrifyingly bad profile is an indication of someone's true age, and as such, is part of their selection process.

Now granted, I've done about as much work on my design aspect of own blog as a plumber in a county full of outhouses, so I am one to talk. But to paraphrase quite a few people, it is better to not design rather than design and have the whole world see your idiocy(or colorblindness).

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