Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oops! I broke something in my blog (behind a wall)

Um, you know when you buy or rent a house and you find a few things wrong, or worse, you do something which makes an existing problem worse? Well, I discovered that I perhaps should have gotten a permit before messing around with the template I had chosen from Blogger.

Let's just say, I've printed out a lot of code and now I have to sift through it all to make sure everything is closed right and in the right place. Who would have thought that a pen and paper would be my preferred tool at this moment?

Hopefully, I can get this fixed and start moving away from the cookie cutter look I've had for the past few weeks.

I promise there will be a posting that is more entertaining a little later.

EDIT: Found out that I have 3 open div tags somewhere in my template.... so I am going to have to diagram the layout of the site and figure out where to close things, so half the battle is won now.

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