Thursday, May 18, 2006

My dirty little video golfing secret... a Confession.

I enjoy an occasional game of electronic golf from time to time, and my game of choice lately has been Hot Shots Golf Fore. And to my horror, I've found that only one character really suits my style of play, and I am horrified by the implication, because perhaps it says something about me deep down.

The only golfer I can consistently do well with is... *gasp* the cheerleader named Phoebe. *sob*

I was never one to quote Bring It On or Sugar and Spice, be peppy and/or dumb, and as a team player... well, let's just say that sometimes I don't play nice with others(ok, that makes me more like a cheerleader I guess).

I should also note that me and coordination met once on a vacation when I was about 13, but we lost touch over the past 16 years or so. I have more in common with the two cover boys then I do with a cheerleader.

And to answer perhaps your next question, NO, I am not a lecherous old man who is getting a kick out of playing as a supposedly nubile young girl. I mean, its GOLF, not Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball or Rumble Roses. Not a lot of T&A in a family-oriented golf game.

I think the most horrible thing about this is Phoebe sort of mocks me too. If I do badly on a hole, she gets upset sometimes and says that one day she'll be thirty in a really sad voice, and seeing as I am about oh six months from that momentous age, it sort of makes me feel really bad too. Then again, as a writer, I think about how that spirit will be crushed in her twenties, and I have to agree that she probably won't like being a bitter divorcee with half a college education(an education which she gave up to marry an older man who was supposed to take care of her) at age 30 either. Ok, I guess I have thought about that a little too much.

So, my secret shame is a secret no more. Burn me if you will.

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