Friday, May 05, 2006

Most Stupefying Thing I've Seen Today. *gasp*

Have you ever seen a product that, by existence alone, lowered the mean IQ of the entire human race by a point or so? I think I've seen it.

Be Afraid, for it is a portal to doom.

I am sorry you had to see that, but I couldn't be alone in witnessing that horror of white-trashdom. I will reimburse anyone who needs to go out and buy some eyewash or any combination of alcohol beverages to remove that image from your mind. Of course, depending on the bar you choose to frequent, you may find yourself face to face with that white plastic vision of Lovecraftian consumerism once more. But at least you will have been warned.


Daily Hater said...

plesesend me $1.95.

MC said...

Yeah, but you were going to hate it anyway so... and now you have something to hate for the weekend... well, aside from this blog anyway.