Friday, April 28, 2006

Don't mind the mess... or the boxes.

Have I blogged before? Yes I have, so the prospect of beginning a new chapter in my online life doesn’t really faze me, as I have done this twice before, though those of you reading this probably only know one of my previous incarnations, and the less that is said about those places I used to go, the better. There were some good times, I admit it, but I just feel that I’ve grown past them and I am ready to be a little more independent and less needy as an online entity. This is not a high wire act. If I fail, then I am willing to accept that and go on. I just hope that the third time truly is the charm.

I sort of feel like I am moving into a new apartment here… it is a little plain at the moment and the place needs a little sprucing up. Of course, it will take me a little time to get the place to better reflect my tastes and sensibilities (but I pray, not my housekeeping skills, because no one needs to see that). For starters, this blog’s name may change, as “Culture Kills… wait, I mean cutlery” may not really reflect what I am doing in this little green backwater of the blogosphere, so I may have to roll with what’s going on.

For those of you who do not know me, and are discovering this blog for the first time, either through one of the various places I frequently comment at, or through one of the myriad of online directories and syndication services out there, I should really introduce myself in my own subtle form of anonymity.

To begin with, I am… how shall I put this mildly. I’m cranky. Not in a bad way or anything. My crankiness is woven from the finest materials, the rich Corinthian leathers of the cultural universe if you will. Sometimes I am entertaining, sometimes I am annoying… and you have to take the good with the bad.

Will you laugh? You just might. Will you continue to read this blog (by whatever name it takes)? Only time will tell.

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