Thursday, May 29, 2008

Goozex: Get a Free Game from this Great Trading Site

Jim Squires of fjetsam fame introduced me to a neat site about a month ago called Goozex, which is an awesome game trading site, and one which will give you a free game just for joining.

Yes, I said you can get a free game.

Instead of using a cash-based system, Goozex is based on a supply and demand point system, with the site acting as the arbiter for your trades. Because the site is set up this way, you actually have a far wider range of options when it comes to getting what you want out of a trade. For example, I was able to trade my copy of Final Fantasy VII to one person, and with the points and trade credits I received, I was able to get 3 good Playstation 2 games. In fact, Final Fantasy VII is so sought after as an item that if one played their cards right, they could end up getting something like Grand Theft Auto IV, Call of Duty IV or Rock Band. Try getting a trade like that at EB or Gamestop, and they would laugh you out of the store.

When you sign up, Goozex gives you one free trade and 100 points, which will allow you to pick between around 4800 titles currently available on the site (I just did a search to see how many different items were available at that price... the selection changes daily). And after you get your game, you aren't on the hook for anything except a little feedback about the transaction. That's it.

I recently referred my sister, and after she completed her first transaction, she ended up getting 100 extra points and an additional free trade, which I thought was sweet. It turns out that if I refer you rather than just give you the URL for the homepage of the site, we both end up getting more points and trade credits, so we both win.


Arjan said...

sounds sweet...I'll check first if I've got some old games lying around that I would actually want to get rid of..

MC said...

I don't know if the EU/PAL is covered by the site.

Mayren said...

I see your referral and raise you
an "i'll check it out".

MC said...

And those extra points you get after your first transaction... it is 200, not 100... which means your second free game could be even better.