Friday, August 03, 2007

I got tagged with 5 Random Questions

Lee from Quit Your Day Job tagged me with the 5 Random Questions, and since it has been a low traffic week, I thought it was worth a shot.

1. Marvel Comics or DC or have no idea what I’m talking about?

I don't really read comics, so I have to decide this based on another criteria: Super Friends. As Super Friends was so laughable, it trumps whatever horrible movies were made from Marvel properties.

2. Your favourite sculpture/statue?

Probably The Spirit of Detroit because it is a relatively local landmark.

3. Your favourite painting?

I was going to say something by Edward Hopper, but dammit... I have to go with the old white trash standby... A Friend in Need, part of the Coolidge Collection. This is a pop culture blog, so commercial art is entirely in keeping with my character.

4. If you have to watch a sport which one do you prefer?

Well, there is just one sport that I enjoy as a spectator, and that is American Football or as Lee called it Gridiron. From August until early February, I am glued to the television on weekends. I enjoy the game in its totality in both its professional and college incarnations. How can I not love a game that has finishes like this? I will probably write a much longer entry about this whole subject later this month.

5. Are ghosts real?

No, no they are not. I will go further and say that the paranormal doesn't really scare me at all.

Now, I am supposed to come up with 5 random questions of my own and pass this along, so that's exactly what I am going to do.

1. What is a hobby or habit that you have that other people or think is strange?
2. What is the weirdest song that you like?
3. If your life was a movie/novel, who would be directing/writing it and why?
4. Which cartoon/comic character to do you most identify with?
5. What is your favorite bit of profanity/swear word?

I usually don't tag people, but there are a few bloggers who have been a little bit quiet as of late and I thought I would give them something to play with to get back in the habit. So, Heidi from Layer Cake, Jim from FJetsam, Jeremy from Popped Culture (BTW, happy birthday to you). In addition, I am going to tag Mayren because I want to see what she says and I owe JD a tag from that whole 8 things meme fiasco.


J.D. said...

Yay! I'm tagged!

MC said...

Well, you are certainly it then ;)

J.D. said...


MC said...

And I do mean done.

J.D. said...


MC said...

You remember the episode of the Simpsons where Skinner got fired after Santa's Little Helper got loose in the ductwork of the school, and he joined the army.

When Bart, Homer and Skinner were discussing their plan to get him back in the Principal's chair, Bart suggested that he make a pass at his superior officer to get out of the army to which Skinner replied, "Done and Done.... and I do mean done."

Lee said...

"Arrrrrrrrrrrg, they're dogs...and they're playing poker."

and that would be a quote from..?

MC said...

The Treehouse of Horrors episode of the Simpsons with the Night Gallery motif.

Mayren said...

Sorry it took me so long but i've put up my 5 Q's meme on my blog.