Monday, June 11, 2007

My nomination for the American Presidency in 2008

Jen Walker at Fjetsam inspired me to do this nomination, as she suggested that she was one step away from making some Ben Affleck in '08 bumper stickers, and it got me to thinking... who would I nominate for President in 08.... hmmm.

And then the only person it should ever be appeared to me, and I didn't know why I didn't think of it before:


I mean, he has already been a leader of men on a blood-soaked and icy battlefield, why couldn't he be commander-in-chief. Those would be some badass years in office, I'll tell you what.


SamuraiFrog said...

I just hope he's tired of all those motherfuckin' crooks in the motherfuckin' Congress.

(Blatant attempt at topical web-based humor.)

MC said...

I am waiting for him to say that George W. Bush deserves to be impeached and that he hopes he burns in hell.

Mayren said...

Samuel L Jackson - when you positively have to kill every muthafucka in the Oval office...
(coming to a theatre near you)


DutchBitch said...

Hell Yeah, he's got my vote!

MC said...

Mayren: Now that's the catchphrase I should have thought of.

Dutchy: Solid!